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Homeschool ID Cards

Creating your own homeschool ID cards can be fun and save you money on educational items. Most companies offer discounts to educators. Below are a few different websites that you can create and download an ID card.
Some retailers don’t offer a discount so it’s best if you call first. Strictly speaking, these are educator discounts, not homeschool discounts. It’s best to ask “Do you offer a teacher discount?” and if they have one you will usually get it. Some companies will ask to see proof that you have filed as a homeschool. Your letter of Intent or any paperwork you may have filed should suffice.
We will also be adding some teacher discounts lists. They update their lists periodically.
Homeschool Teacher/Student ID Cards
*Canva offers 4 pages of FREE ID card templates. Remove any images or vectors that have a price tag to keep it free. ID Card Templates.
Once you are done with you design,save to your computer and print at home!
***This page contains affiliate links.***
We suggest using cardstock or photo paper. We used this photo paper and it worked great!
You can also laminate your new cards. This is a reliable laminator and the self sealing laminating pouches.
*Free Homeschool ID Card for students and teachers!
Very easy to use. Choose a student or teacher ID. Comes in Magenta or Blue. Save and print at home for FREE or pay $7.95 and each additional card costs $5.95. Maximum of 5 ID Cards per order.
*Another fun FREE ID maker from Big Huge Labs
You can change the color of the header. Has an official bar code that you can add or remove from your ID card. This is one of the easiest ID makers out there. Just save to your computer and print! It’s that simple.
If you’re creative and don’t need a template you can open up Word or Excel, make yourself an “ID Card”.
Use different fonts and free clip art to make it look official. Print, laminate and you’re done. Gimp and IPiccy are also free.
You can also make a logo for your school to add to your cards on those websites as well like the one we have here(Save as a PNG file).
If your state does not require you to name your homeschool,here is a homeschool name generator you might like:
Teacher/Student Discount Lists to Follow:

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